Preferred Tank Cleaning Pump
Pumps Down to 1" of Fluid
Very High Flow Rates
High Vertical Head Pressure
Run Dry Technology
Variable Speed & Flow
Small Portable Size
Corrosion Resistant Aluminum
No Internal Friction
No Mechanical Seals
No Shaft Bearings
3" Low Level Twin Motor Pump
Model: FF-3ALLTM
Competitive Advantages
•  Ideal for confined entry & tank cleaning
•  No impeller to housing friction
•  Pump 10x faster than a diaphragm pump
•  Twin motors allows for extended dry running
•  No bearings to lubricate or mechanical seals
•  Lightweight & portable
•  Single person can lift and position
•  Corrosion resistant aluminum for long life
•  Cost effective compared to other pumps
•  Simple design allows for easy servicing
•  Reduces costly pump rebuilding
  Fast Facts
61 lbs
Max Water Flow:
590 GPM
Vertical Head:
250 Feet Max
Operating PSI:
2250 to 3300 PSI
Hydraulic Flow:
4 to 28 GPM
Power Source:
Hydraulic Driven
3" Male Cam Lock
24" x 10" x 11"
Hydraulic Oil:
AW-32 or AW-46
3" Aluminum Low Level Twin Motor Pump Curve
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Fast Flow’s "Low Level" pumps are ideal for tank, barge, and confined entry cleaning. Alone, these pumps move fluid down to less than 1” in the tank. When this pump is coupled to a vacuum truck, virtually all of the fluid can be removed. The Fast Flow Low Level Pump easily handles heavy weight mud and solutions without the clogging that plagues traditional air diaphragm pumps. These pumps can be coupled with a 3D wash-down system to make confined entry cleaning faster and safer.
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75' jet of water from a 3" Low Level Pump and a 1" discharge coupling
The Fast Flow Low Level Pump can pump down to less than 1" and handles low flow cavitation without damage. This revolutionary pump technology moves heavy solids better than traditional centrifugal pumps and can replace virtually an arsenal of air diaphragm pumps. When this pump is coupled to the suction of a vacuum truck, virtually all of the fluid can be evacuated.
Fast Flow "Low Level" Pump dual bottom inlets