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Ready to Connect - Fast Flow Pumps wants you to have our powerful pump even when hydraulic power units aren't close. Using your equipment to power a Fast Flow pump as an attachment will save time and money. Perfect for de-watering construction sites and excavations, Fast Flow pumps will eliminate an entire crew standing around waiting for the water to go down. Save time by having a single lightweight, portable pump at the ready, instead of having to break out hard to maneuver trailer pumps that have suction lift limitations.

Fast Flow pumps are an excellent way for industrial facilities managers to leverage their existing assets and get more equipment for the money. Our high performance pumps can provide spot de-watering, emergency cooling, and sludge mitigation, all with a pump that is easy to maintain and simple to repair using in-house labor.

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Fast Flow Hydraulic Submersible Pumps being operated from a dredge
Fast Flow Hydraulic Submersible Pumps easily attach to Skidsteers
Fast Flow Hydraulic Submersible Pumps powered by a backhoe
Fast Flow Pumps have premium double Viton seals that hold up under pressure. Our pumps can be attached to several types of hydraulic equipment, including excavators, skidsteers, backhoes, mining equipment, tractors and loaders.
Typical Fast Flow Pumps Fluid Requirements

4 to 14 GPM for 2" & 3" pumps
4 to 28 GPM for 4" pumps
8 to 40 GPM for 6" pumps

Operating pressures to 3000 PSI

Paired with Industry Leaders
Fast Flow uses industry leading HKX auxiliary hydraulics for attaching Fast Flow pumps to all major manufacturers of excavators. HKX provides easy to install auxiliary hydraulic kits with the support of all major OEMs. The fully labeled and ordered kits are easy to install by a single technician and can be shipped worldwide.
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