Fast Flow Hydraulic Submersible Pumps - 2" Aluminum with debris cage
“The type of pump you describe does not fall into a category of equipment that MSHA approves. In addition, there is not a regulation that would require a hydraulic powered water pump to be MSHA approved.”

Kenneth Porter - Department of Labor
Fast Flow Mining Highlights
MSHA is no problem
No electricity required
Work up to the face
26 lb pumps move up to 400 GPM
Easily handles coal fines & heavy mud
Works off of existing hydraulics
Simple to use and maintain
Dig in and pump it out with Fast Flow Hydraulic Submersible Pumps
Recently, Fast Flow Pumps participated in a coal mine reliability test and outperformed electric submersible pumps in the key fields of safety and reliability.
The Fast Flow pumps were immune to the electrical deterioration effects that plagued the other submersibles, including burnt electrical heads, damaged electrical windings and cable wiring failure. More importantly, Fast Flow hydraulic submersible pumps completely eliminate the danger of running the three phase electric service to electric submersibles, and eliminates standing in several inches of water with 480 volts nearby. Fast Flow pumps have other advantages in the mines, including portability, self-priming design, and the ability to handle coal fines without clogging.  Fast Flow pumps performed favorably when attached to the auxiliary hydraulics of a mine pinner, and can be run from several other equipment types.

Fast Flow Hydraulic Submersible Pumps are used in sand excavation
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2" Fast Flow pump with debris cage - weighs 30 LBS
Fast Flow Pumps
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