•45 lb pump fits in a hatchway and is easily maneuverable
•Can pump sludge, paraffin, cold crude, diesel and jet fuel
•Actual size of a 3” pump (pictured below) is 16” x 10” x 11”
•Can pump heavy oilfield waste & slurries to 22 lbs per gallon
•3” Pump flows up to 600 GPM and up to 300’ of head
•There are no mechanical seals & no wear plates to replace
•Can ship "next day air" by parcel carriers
•Replaces an arsenal of air diaphragm pumps
•Field service in under an hour by an average technician
•Flame Spray and specialized coatings available
•Low level pump can pump down to 1" of fluid/material
Top reasons to have a Fast Flow Pump on your tank cleaning project
Fast Flow Hydraulic Submersible Pumps Can Easily Fit through a Hatchway
Fast Flow pumps have a compact footprint and can fit into a hatchway. A 3” Fast Flow pump weighs less than 45 lbs and can be easily maneuvered by a single person
Heavy Paraffin Crude being pumped by a Fast Flow Hydraulic Submersible Pumps
A barge loaded with paraffin crude
pumped by a 3” Fast Flow Pump
Fast Flow pumps can process the most demanding petrochemical tasks. The 110,000-barrel crude oil tank at Grand Isle Louisiana had accumulated multiple feet of heavy paraffin crude oil sludge and heavy solids that were part of the stock over the years of operation. A single Fast Flow 3” pump was able to move the sludge over 800 feet in a single 3” rubber hose from shore to a waiting barge. The 3” pumped the paraffin crude solids, then pumped and shot a full 10’ stream out into the barge. Fast Flow pumps helped to complete the task 2 full weeks ahead of schedule, and helped the contractor to win an award for a second tank to clean.
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